The ultimate hitting tool for baseball and softball players of all ages for precise hitting and POWER!!

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How to Use The Swing Thing

3-Step Process

1. Rest the curved end of the tool against the lower part of the back interlocking the elbows around the tool. Hands should remain in a relaxed position (open or in a fist). 

 For right-handed hitters, the barrel end should be on the hitter's

right side. For left-handed hitters, the barrel end should be on the hitter's left side.

2.  Stand near the hitter's plate, if one is available, and bend the knees assuming the normal hitting 

stance or position.

3. When the ball approaches or when the ball is set in place on a hitting tee, rotate the hips in the direction of the ball as you would when using a baseball bat. Make certain that the hips undergo a full rotation while you maintain your balance during your attempts to make contact with the ball. The back foot rotates with the hips as the heel lifts off the ground. The front foot rotates slightly. The head stays down as the eyes stay on the ball throughout the swing.

Note: Balls that are not in the strike zone will be nearly impossible to hit. 

 Proper posture and balance can not be maintained when attempting to 

hit balls that are out of the strike zone.

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